Eva Braun - Life and Death with the Fuehrer

Lenght: 2 x 45'

Year of production: 2016

Country of production: Germany

Author: Michael Kloft

Eva Braun - Episode 1
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Eva Braun - Episode 2
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It was only after her death that Eva Braun entered the public eye in Germany. Together with Adolf Hitler, on April 30,1945 she took her life in the bunker beneath the Chancellery of the Reich in Berlin. The day before, the dictator had married Braun, his mistress for many years. Kept apart from the community at large, Eva Braun spent most of her time in Munich or at Hitler’s Berghof residence in the Alps. After the war Albert Speer, Adolf Hitler’s former architect, described Braun as one of the “disappointments of history”. The first scientific biography by Heike Görtmaker seeks to revise the image of the blond and apolitical dummy by the Führer’s side. According to the biographer, behind Braun’s exaggerated happiness was a woman who was extremely resolute and strove with incredible toughness to reach her goals - through to the last resort: death. For this documentary SPIEGEL TV author Michael Kloft engaged in detailed discussions with Heike Görtmaker and evaluated the extensive number of private films made by Eva Braun and the countless photo albums she compiled.

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