People and Places

Saint Lawrence, 5x43' HD

The 1000 Islands

The series takes viewers on an imposing visual journey through a unique island paradise in the border region between Canada and the United States.

In the Shadow of the Volcanoes, 43' HD


At the easternmost reaches of Russia, halfway around the globe and eight time zones away from Moscow, lies the peninsula of Kamchatka. Almost 400,000 people inhabit this region, roughly the size of Germany.

A Pensioners‘ Paradise in America, 45' HD

Sun City

Sun City, Arizona is a parallel universe. Its population of 40,000 make it the biggest retirement community in the US. It is a purpose-built town for restless retirees. The average age here is 73.


Inle Lake is a unique microcosm of Burmese culture set amidst breathtaking nature. The way the people of the lake live arouses a sense of yearning and conveys the illusion of an archaic, perfect world.

Life at the Edge of the World, 43' HD


The Kimberley region of Australia is among the most lonely and barren places on earth. This region – covering an area larger than Germany – is extremely hostile.

A Shamanic Cult at Lake Baikal, 43' HD

The Buryats

In the vast wilderness around Lake Baikal reside a nomadic people: the Buryats. They live according to their own customs, and their everyday life is defined by shamanism and a strong sense of family.

Portraits of Hopes and Dreams, 51' HD

Dehli Rising

India’s urban centers are hubs of opportunity - each with it’s own, unique character: In Bangalore IT rules, in Mumbai the film industry has reached global proportions. But what about Delhi, India’s capital?

Between Tradition and Modern World, 43' HD

The Svans

The Svans’ way of life is simple and suggestive an illusion of an idyllic world. But behind the romantic backdrop a fundamental change take place at the beginning of the new millenium.


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