The Reich Underground

Author: Michael Kloft

Length: 2 x 50'

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It was one of the most massive construction projects ever attempted by humankind. Late in World War II, the Nazis launched a bold plan to shelter armaments factories from the constant hail of allied bombs. All important manufacturing facilities would be re-located in underground labyrinths of protective caves. Today, many of the half-built facilities have been long-forgotten. A small fortune was spent to seal them up, making them inaccessible to trespassers and intruders. With previously unreleased film material and exclusive interviews, the fascinating and dramatic story of the Underground Reich is reconstructed when the Nazis leaders still hoped that the miracle weapons they produced would bring Germany final victory. After securing special permission, a team of highly qualified experts explore the sprawling tunnel systems, finding their way into manmade caverns unseen for decades. The film also documents the horrors faced by forced laborers, compelled to construct the tunnel system under the most inhuman conditions. Ten’s of thousands gave their lives to realize the Nazi’s crazed project. Sixty years later, the two-part series provides a fascinating glimpse into awesome worlds beneath the earth that still exist in Germany, France, Poland and Norway.

year of production: 2004

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