On the Edge of The Abyss

The History of World War II

Length: 12 x 45'

When German troops attacked Poland on the first of September 1939, only very few contemporaries suspected that the world would descend into war in the next 2194 days.


Berlin - Metropolis of Crime

1918 - 33

Length: 2 x 45' HD

The two-part documentary tells the story of the real “Babylon Berlin” during the time of the Weimar Republic on the basis of criminal cases in the context of political and social developments.


The Lot of Fun

Where the Movies Learned to Laugh

Length: 52' and 90' HD

For many the American movie producer and director Hal Roach is the “King of Comedy”. His legendary studios are also called the “The Lot of Fun”: Hollywood’s “Fun Factory”! The film pioneer produced from 1914 up to the early sixties about 2.000 movies - almost exclusively comedies! Probably no other filmmaker gave the world more to laugh about than he did: with his comedy stars like Laurel & Hardy, Harold Lloyd or "Our Gang".


Eva Braun

Life and Death with the Fuehrer

Length: 2x 45 HD

It was only after her death that Eva Braun entered the public eye in Germany. Together with Adolf Hitler, on April 30,1945 she took her life in the bunker beneath the Chancellery of the Reich in Berlin. The day before, the dictator had married Braun, his mistress for many years. Kept apart from the community at large, Eva Braun spent most of her time in Munich or at Hitler’s Berghof residence in the Alps.


The Spirit of Liberation

Length: 93' HD

„THE SPIRIT OF LIBERATION" tells the remarkable story of the Allied fightings from the beaches of Normandy in 1944 to the heart of Hitler's Reich and ultimate victory in 1945. It is the most authentic documentary about the fall of Hitlers Germany to date.


The Stolen Childhood

Trauma Third Reich

Length: 3 x 45' HD

In this three-part documentary we hear from contemporary witnesses whose childhood could not have been more different. Whereas Günter, who despite his communist upbringing had been seduced by Nazi propaganda, was fighting for his life as a child soldier on the front, little Monika was fearful for her missing father and later secretly wished the war had taken him.


The Siege of Leningrad

Length: 50' HD

The Siege of Leningrad by the German Armed Forces began on 8 September 1941 and ended on 27 January 1944. For 872 days the city was surrounded. Within, the inhabitants fell into despair, starvation and cannibalism “A boy had died, and his mother put his body in the window frame. She didn't have the strength to bury him. Then she cut off pieces of him bit by bit to feed her daughter”.


Jean Kennedy Smith

Living in the shadow of JFK

Length: 46' HD

Jean Kennedy Smith is the last surviving member of her generation. She was the eighth of nine children of Joseph and Rose Kennedy. Her brother John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the youngest-ever president of the United States of America


The Olympic Dream

The 1936 Nazi Games - 90'

Length: 90'HD

90 min - The Film revises the traditional image of the 1936 Olympic Games, which were decisively shaped by Leni Riefenstahl’s pompous Nazi aesthetic. Instead, the event is firmly recounted from the inside perspective – from the views of the people who participated in those Games.


Witnesses of Doom

The lost Interviews from 1948

Length: 49' HD

For decades, the film reels were thought to be lost. They showed interviews carried out in 1948 by the bestselling American author Michael Musmanno with witnesses to the final days of Adolf Hitler. Now, for the first time, exclusive excerpts can be seen in a new SPIEGEL TV documentary.


The Catacombs of Rome

The Cradle of Christianity

Length: 55'

What was Christianity like in its very early days? How was Jesus seen? How was the Son of God depicted? What were the reasons for the triumphant march of Christianity? Was the Christian faith different in its early days than it is today? Answers to these questions can be found in the Catacombs of the Eternal City.


The Olympic Dream

The 1936 Nazi Games - 52'

Length: 52 min HD

52 min - The Film revises the traditional image of the 1936 Olympic Games, which were decisively shaped by Leni Riefenstahl’s pompous Nazi aesthetic. Instead, the event is firmly recounted from the inside perspective – from the views of the people who participated in those Games.



Length: 50' Format: HD/16:9

This is the untold story of one of the biggest Zeppelins ever built: the USS Macon, a flying aircraft carrier which was completed in 1933. This documentary contains interviews with scientists, historians and the last survivor of the Macon, rare high quality archive footage of the construction and breathtaking air to air footage of the Sparrohawk planes taking off the airship


The Last Flight of Lieutnant Estill

Length: 52'

Arlington Cemetery, October 2006. A pilot’s coffin is lowered into a grave. His tearful daughter watches. It is the end of a love story and a mystery that began in the final months of World War Two. In April 1945, a mother in Iowa writes to her husband about their new baby girl. Lt. Shannon Estill is stationed in Europe as a fighter pilot, attacking Nazi targets in the last months of the war. Despite being just 22, he is a skilled pilot and well respected by his comrades. During the next weeks his wife Mary sends letters every day about their new born baby. She’s certain that he’s coming back.



The Soldiers' Story

Length: 4 x 50' SD

In early June 1944, 1.5 million Allied soldiers stand ready in southern England to embark on the largest amphibious assault in military history: Operation Overlord. For tens of thousands of young U.S. soldiers, this war against the Nazis seems almost like an adventure. Only very few, if at all, have any combat experience.


JFK - The Private President

Length: 53' HD

In January 1961, a new generation in the guise of John F. Kennedy moved into the White House. All of a sudden politics were youthful, dynamic and sexy.


Exploring Hitler's Mountain

Length: 52'

Adolf Hitler spent more than 1,000 days – almost every fourth day of his dominion over Germany on the Obersalzberg, his mountain holiday refuge near Berchtesgaden. Not only did the “Führer” spend time relaxing in this restricted area close to the Austrian border, cordoned off by a massive phalanx of security forces; this was also where he played host to the mighty of the Third Reich and Europe.


Führer Cult and Megalomania

The Nazi Party Rally Grounds in Nuremberg

Length: 50'

At the Zeppelin Field in Nuremberg, the ruins of Hitler's stand are a reminder of the bombastic marches that were staged here during the Nazi party rallies. It is one of the few relics still left from the era of Hitler's favorite architect Albert Speer.


Trapped on the Ice

The Birth of Air Mountain Rescue

Length: 52' HD

It is the 19th of November 1946, post-war Europe. A Dakota with American generals and their wives on board takes off from Vienna headed for Pisa. Bad weather forces the pilot Ralph Tate to select a route across the Swiss Alps.


Where is Hitler?

A hot Trail during the Cold War

Length: 48'

Did Hitler, responsible for 60 million deaths, die in 1945 – or did he perhaps survive the Second World War after all?


An Incredible Rescue Against All Orders

U-3505 and the Children of Hela

Length: 50'

Between January and May 1945 one of the largest naval rescue operations ever took place. 790 ships were involved: they sailed from the besieged ports of East Prussia, crammed with desperate refugees. The voyage across the Baltic Sea presented a deadly risk. Enemy submarines, aircraft and mines made every westbound voyage a suicide mission.


Chronicle of the Third Reich

Length: 4x50'

“The Germans have a long way to go before being finished with Hitler.” (Sir Ian Kershaw) “The past is still with us and will not go away.” (Helmut Schmidt)


Dear Uncle Hitler

The Germans and Their Fuehrer

Length: 60'

More than any other historical documents, it is the personal private letters written by a people to "their" dictator that provide the most intimate glimpses of the history of the Third Reich....


Imprisoned to Be Free

Length: 51'

Seven-metre-high walls, freezing cold cells and sadistic guards: Hoheneck women’s prison is one of the dark secrets of East Germany. Criminal offenders as well as political prisoners served long sentences in the old castle. For some, the time in prison is so unbearable that they deliberately hurt themselves to be sent to the infirmary; they swallow spoons and forks or stick sewing needles under their skin, many of the inmates committed suicide. The Filmmaker spent months researching to find out the truth about the political prisoners of Hoheneck. In exclusive interviews, women describe the hopelessness they felt as inmates, and even former guards talk about events at the castle for the first time.


Death in the Bunker

The True Story of Hitler's Downfall

Length: 78'

Adolf Hitler’s final ten days in his bunker ensconced deep below the Berlin Chancellery of the Reich have been described in numerous books and memoirs. .The documentary by Michael Kloft reconstructs the dramatic events of 1945.


Embedded 45'

Shooting War in Germany

Length: 2 x 54'

“Crossing the Roer was no piece of cake. Rest was snatched in a period of minutes, not hours. Fatigue and trench food made every step of that operation tough as hell.



Length: 93'

Sixty years after the fact, a new debate is underway over the reasons for the allied air war against the Third Reich. The book, “The Inferno“, by Joerg Friedrich is currently a best seller. Were the relentless aerial attacks on German cities necessary tactics in the prosecution of war that resulted in unavoidable civilian casualties, or were they meaningless acts of revenge by the British and Americans, as Joerg Friedrich asserts?.


Television under the Swastika

Length: 54'

Legend has it that the triumphal march of television began in the United States in the 'fifties. But in reality its origins hark back much further. As early as the 'thirties, a bitter rivalry raged for the world's first television broadcast.


The Jew-Baiter

Julius Streicher and "The Stuermer"

Length: 50'

Even high-ranking Nazi officials such as Joseph Goebbels and Hermann Goering felt mostly contempt for their fellow party member. Nevertheless, this man was one of the most influential figures in the Third Reich: Julius Streicher, who in his capacity as publisher of the antisemitic weekly "The Stuermer" was responsible for the worst demagoguery and was notorious for his corrupt and violent regime as head of the Nazi administrative district in Franconia. The Allies regarded him as a symbol of national-socialist anti-Semitism.


The Reich Underground

Length: 2 x 50'

It was one of the most massive construction projects ever attempted by humankind. Late in World War II, the Nazis launched a bold plan to shelter armaments factories from the constant hail of allied bombs. All important manufacturing facilities would be re-located in underground labyrinths of protective caves.


The Tramp and the Dictator

Length: 55'

As Viktoria Chaplin was rummaging through her father Charlie’s effects some time ago, a unique document was found on the 16mm filmstrips: Sydney Chaplin had photographed the shooting his brother's masterpiece, THE GREAT DICTATOR, with his amateur camera – in full color.The unusual find highlights one of Chaplin’s most ambitious projects: his revenge on the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler. With his satirical genius, he not only exposed the “Führer” to ridicule, but more than that, he revealed the brutal nature of his dictatorship.


The Search for the Explorer

Length: 47'

A stunning crowd gathers on the docks in New York harbour in May 1866. A submarine suddenly emerges from the murky water. Julius Kroehl, an emigrated German engineer, surfaces after a 90-minute dive.

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